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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Imagine: Your ship is in high warp. Everyone is nervous. Who wouldn't be? The fate of thousands of people are at stake.


Commander Elpis's voice springs out of the comm system. All around the gargantuan cruiser Hephaistos, officers and crewmen are scrambling to their stations. Torpedoes are being loaded. The primary, secondary, and tertiary sickbays are being powered up. Marines are charging their weapons. All fighters are scrambling. The Hephaistos is screaming through space towards the battelfield, where unknown dangers await.

Where will you be? Are you among the bravest, first in the armory or the cockpit? Or are you cowering, sweating with fear, in some unknown corner of the ship? Why did you join Starfleet? These are the times that test us all. Will you tell your grandchildren about this battle one day, crewman? Will you fight so that others may tell their descendants the story of our lives? Now is your chance to prove what you are made of.

Join the USS Hephaistos. We are waiting for you to become a part of our story.

Hephaistos Website
CMDR Mora Ward
Commanding Officer
USS Hephaistos
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