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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi, I'm new here. My Trek love is very focused on TNG, which I think is an absolute unique show -- it's exciting and thought-provoking, character-driven and plot-focused. Plus, it has a cast with amazing chemistry. I watched TNG regularly in the 90s, have recently re-discovered it on BBCA and Amazon Prime, and am glad to find that there is a place where people are still discussing the show 25 years on!

I really do like all of the 7 main characters (by which I mean the main adult characters from Season 3 on) but my favorite by far is Beverly Crusher. I love the Dr. Crusher character and Gates McFadden as an actress. My favorite episodes to re-watch tend to be ones where she is featured-- episodes like Cause and Effect and Remember Me. Love the gravitas of Picard, the energy of Riker, and I love Troi as the series progresses. For guest stars, I really like Susan Gibney, from Booby Trap and Galaxy's Child. Looking forward to participating!
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