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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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After being more or less finished with my sci/sci build and tac7cruiser build I am thinking about rolling a new engineer.

But I don't want a traditional build, since engineer/cruiser can be a bit boring I was thinking maybe try something I never did in all those years and make him a carrier captain.

Anyone got experience with that combo?

How good would that be at DPS. how flexible would it be to switch to a heal or tank role on a team?

not many carriers available, right?

The Kitty Carrier is the only one easily available on Fed side, Romulan doesn't have a true carrier, right?

I guess, if I run n Atrox I would make it a Caitian crew, which sounds fun

Since I can't make a Tholian crew the tholian carrier is out of the question.

But I could make a Jem'hadar themed ship? For how much do they go these days?

Any other good choices you would recommend?
I tried a carrier build on my KDF engineer with the Tholian carrier, and while I decided it wasn't for me, here are a few things I learned.

- Carriers don't stop on a dime, so there's a learning curve in getting them in and out of the fight.

- Your fighters are your main method of DPS. I had to think defensive about my carrier.

- A strong hull and strong shields were very important. Buffs to those were a must.

- The turn rate is terrible for them. You can either use consoles to increase the turn rate, or equip cannons / turrets and prepare to do a lot of broadside fighting with your ship.

- I tended to keep my carrier at maximum range in a fight and let the fighters do all the work.

- There is a lockbox trait called Wing Commander that you will want to use:

An affinity for coordinating attack patterns among small craft allows you to deploy your Hangar Craft with increased effectiveness.

+100% Rank Up XP for all Hangar Pets
(This reduces the total time it takes to reach Rank 5 by half.)

- Also look into the Caitan Flight Deck Officer DOffs. One has the power to reduce the recharge time on hanger bays, so you can relaunch your ships faster. Others can increase carrier pet accuracy in the various modes.
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