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Re: The racist legacy of Star Trek

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And the opening scene in Kevin Smith's "Chasing Amy" featuring Hooper-X addresses this issue in a remarkable way (it's a must-see - and apparently was the inspiration for the OP and Locutus... )
Nothing gets by you, Bob.
You did a great job paraphrasing Hooper-X by putting it into a satirical Star Trek context ("skinhead" ), but I felt the urge to share Kevin Smith's little masterpiece with everyone who hasn't seen it yet.

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The OP has presented food for thought, so I couldn't possibly find fault with that. But, then again, discussing Andrew Probert's Enterprise-C has become a forbidden topic in two sections of this forum, so I don't know anymore.
What could be a problem about discussing ship designs? I don't go to the art forums much, but what could be a problem with the subject?
The problem was that we had seen Andrew Probert’s original design for the Enterprise-C for four seasons as a golden sculpture in the conference lounge aboard the Enterprise-D but the different Rick Sternbach Enterprise-C as the actual VFX model in “Yesterday’s Enterprise”.

Being fed up with claims that only the Sternbach “C” is canon, I investigated the issue trying to prove that both are / can be canon, assuming that events in “Yesterday’s Enterprise” did not just take place in a changed timeline of our universe but instead a “parallel universe” (director David Carson!). Near the end of both threads, I was able to present Guinan’s and Sela’s statements from “Redemption II”, allowing indeed the conclusion of a parallel universe because their accounts did not match what had actually happened in “Yesterday’s Enterprise”.

Very early on it was obvious that my proposal had characteristics of a heresy, just by looking at the various comments of those who rejected the mere idea. It even got the point where the opposers actually had the audacity to ask the moderators to close the thread!

Why the TNG thread was closed is still beyond me. It had finally calmed down to the point where a decent and fair discussion had become possible.
The Fan Art thread (because a CGI video of Probert’s “C” had just popped up at the same time) was probably closed because it got off-topic (discussing Star Trek time travel scenarios) and some of the opposers got themselves into a fight.

To cut a long story short: While I would think that Star Trek fans in general are tolerant and open-minded, I think it’s fair to say that what transpired in those two threads suggests rather differently.

Back to the original topic of this thread I’d like to add this: Just because someone thinks to be a fan of Star Trek doesn’t automatically make him or her a tolerant and open-minded person.

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