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Re: The racist legacy of Star Trek

HIjol wrote: View Post
...Could not agree more with the desire of many here to want a spirited, informed, give-and-take discussion on this Board, and within this Thread...too bad we are doing such a good job with each other, and there is nary a sign of the OP...
The OP wasn't being serious or earnest, hence it did not receive a serious response for the most part and why he or she didn't return to argue the premise of the thread. We've had countless serious discussions about race/gender/ethnicity/religion/sexuality and Star Trek on this board before, so just because one is dismissed as the obvious gag that it is doesn't mean people don't treat those issues seriously and with respect under the right circumstances.

Ethros wrote: View Post
The OP seems the racist one to me. One should learn to be colour blind when it comes to Star Trek.
I know this wasn't your intent, and that you meant it positively as in everyone should be treated equally (and we should strive for that), so forgive me for using your post as a starting point, but while it makes a nice soundbite, being "color blind" doesn't actually solve anything or address the very real problem of racial inequality we face in the world today. It sweeps uncomfortable issues under the rug by pretending that race (artificial construct though it is) is not a major or even the dominant factor in the continuing interpersonal and institutional inequality and injustice faced by minorities around the world.
- There are stories about what happened.
- It's true. All of it. TNZ, Hulk, ModMan. They're real.
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