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Re: The racist legacy of Star Trek

Ensign_Redshirt wrote: View Post
Damn, I though the spoof was getting across. Ah, never mind...

I got your satire, but his classification of Khan as caucasian in addition to the Uhura comment really surprised me at first, before I realized he wasn't serious.

Melakon wrote: View Post
It didn't offend me. I was only wanting to urge caution, because just last week someone asked another user 'Are you trolling me?" and a mod stepped in explaining just asking that could be interpreted as flaming.
Oh, I thought you were talking about something else.

I mean, are people really taking OP seriously? Unless he is actually flame-baiting, then this is purely satire. However, given his follow-up comments, it would appear that he's trolling.

I'm not calling anyone a troll to insult them....I don't understand why that's even something to consider. A troll is simply a poster who makes loaded statements in an attempt to make someone explode with rage and get themselves banned. These accusations would naturally incite the anger of a lot of Trekkers as they defend the show which is known for it's progressive and forward thinking that tries to make social statements and further the rights of the oppressed (whether the oppressed be civil rights groups, LBGT, civilians under the rule of overreaching government, etc. etc).

The tone of the original comment is obviously over-the-top and most of the accusations are baseless, meaning that it is either total satire or an attempt to stir the pot.

AgentCoop wrote: View Post
That opening post...that's satire, right? Please tell me it's satire.
I thought so, until OP defended it in a reply. Though that may have just been an extension of the satire.
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