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Re: The Art of Star Trek: Reanimated - The Sequel

TAS was extremely well done.

What they were able to squeeze into 24 minutes of storytelling was incredible.

And it was done at a time when there was still an excellent pool of writing talent in existence - not to mention the episodes that were done by former TOS writers.

To me, the problems that have always plaqued later Trek's was poor writing, and the fact that a not so good writer got ahold of control of the franchise.

But the problem is not unique to Trek.
Decent writers in Hollywood are few and far between. Which is probably why we are getting so much of these reality shows: No writers required, for the most part.

Maybe it's due to a decline in the quality of our schools - though good writers historically haven't necessarily owed their skills to typical classwork.

Maybe we're starting to see the results of decades worth of anti-intellectualism

and an American popular culture that ridicules people for being smart rather then encouraging and respecting true academic achievment.

The people who wrote for TOS and TAS grew up in an America where children were raised to be competitive. Terms like pride and shame really meant something and people were taught to earn recognition.

Whatever the reasons for the decline in decent writers, you need not apologize nor feel weird for liking TAS.

What those writers were able to do with 24 minutes of storytelling was, and still is - incredible!
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