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Re: Star Citizen - Chris Roberts' new game

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Well, I can't argue with that. It's kind of like Duke Nukem Forever.
Because that turned out so well

I give it another week before PSN offers to pay *me* to download the damn thing. There is such a thing as a digital bargin bin, and that game has always been in it.
I've yet to play it, though I want to. I remember playing Duke Nukem 3D on my friend's badass superpowered Windows 95 machine. It was so real, like you were there!

Anyway, I do hope Star Citizen turns out to be a critical success. I'd love to play Freelancer on steroids, as I am a huge fan of Freelancer, even as limited as it is. I want an open universe, the ability to trade anywhere, maybe choose to be a pirate, or a goody two shoes I guess, and really enjoy the environment and the people in it.

This has so much potential. That's why I'm so worried, because I'm concerned it might be a money pit, and they'll never let Chris Roberts near another game again.
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