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Re: The "Bride" of the "M'Ress Appreciation Thread"

uss_griffin said:
Back on topic:
M'Ress's hands in the first (and perhaps the last) pictures in this thread (so far) look the most believably cat-like. The human-like hands in the others don't really work for me, especially in contrast to her feline feet.
I'll go back to my old standby 'argument': M'Ress is an alien, not a cat that became a person. If she and her species vary in detail from felines, such as having hands instead of paws, I'm okay with it - it makes more sense to me that an evolved tool-using species which has gotten to the point of interstellar space travel (supposedly a condition of membership in the Federation) doesn't have to fumble with switches and controls, rather than preserving big, fluffy padded mitts. And I can even reconcile that with more classically-styled cat feet, as long as they aren't also supposed to be prehensile - we humans get along pretty well with short, stubby toes and long, solid feet, as opposed to, say, apes that have long fingers on their feet that they can grip and climb with.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it :thumbsup:. My name is Ptrope and I approved this message.
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