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Re: The Art of Star Trek: Reanimated - The Sequel

KirkTrekModeler said:
I'd love to see these, but my browser will not load your page and my AV software has fits. Any suggestions?
I wish I did - when you say, "Your page," do you mean you can't see the images in this thread? I don't know of anyone else who's having this problem - it may be your security settings are so high that whatever they're filtering out is part of my site's SOP.

Can't say about your AV software; I check my files and haven't had any problems for at least two years.

Sorry, KirkTrekModeler; I wish I could offer more help, but I don't know enough about your situation to be able to help diagnose the problem, especially since you seem to be the only one having it.
Star Trek: Reanimated - it's more than just a cartoon!
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