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Re: Could every race join the Federation?

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Maybe the Klingon Defence Force could be re-purposed as the Federation Defence Force, creating a complimentary service to Starfleet, while still allowing the warrior class to exercise their martial prowess when the need arises?
One problem I see with that is that Klingon individual houses own and operate their own militaries. That might mean a house relinquishing their personal armies to the Federation and following its rules --I just don't see them doing that.

I think the Klingon government would have to undergo a serious fundamental change in order for things like this to happen.
Which is what I alluded to earlier in my post, that they have undergone fundamental changes in the past and are certainly capable of doing so again.

Obviously I'm not talking about the empire flipping a switch and suddenly becoming humongous, but rather a decades long process of reforming the empire into a more balanced, central power, possibly using the other Klingon castes to fill out the place of stubborn warriors who refuse to change. It's possible is all I'm saying.
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