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Re: Could every race join the Federation?

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Maybe the Klingon Defence Force could be re-purposed as the Federation Defence Force, creating a complimentary service to Starfleet, while still allowing the warrior class to exercise their martial prowess when the need arises?
One problem I see with that is that Klingon individual houses own and operate their own militaries. That might mean a house relinquishing their personal armies to the Federation and following its rules --I just don't see them doing that.

I think the Klingon government would have to undergo a serious fundamental change in order for things like this to happen.

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That sounds a lot like the Republic (Star Wars). And we know how that turned out.

it's a wonder the Federation didn't end up like the Republic.
Let's see, a powerful democratic institution for a thousand years, then a few decades of various civil wars, followed by (in the EU) a return to democracy.
Ahh, but look what it turned into--it went from being a republic to an opressive empire, all because of a manipulated senate being tricked into voting a dictator into office.

It can be argued that a somewhat similar situation was seen in "Homefront" DS9. It showed some interesting symptoms.
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