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Re: The "Bride" of the "M'Ress Appreciation Thread"

A little off-topic:

Is there a Caitian / Kzinti connection? Or are they just two completely different species of cat-people with no relation?

What about that silly three-breasted cat creature in TFF?

Wasn't there also a cat-person in ST IV?

I'm curious about all types of Trek cat people.

Back on topic:
M'Ress's hands in the first (and perhaps the last) pictures in this thread (so far) look the most believably cat-like. The human-like hands in the others don't really work for me, especially in contrast to her feline feet.

I'd also like to see more of her tail (that sounded wrong -- or did it? ) I'm curious to see how the feline tail joins the more human-looking derriere.
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