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Sometimes they're a little too good, as in being able to see imperfections and mistakes that you never would have noticed during the original first-run broadcast, or the reruns on your old NTSC set.
Well... The visual information was always there, even if you couldn't always see it. If someone in the '70s or '80s had offered to screen clean 35mm prints for me, I certainly wouldn't have refused on the grounds that I might see something that wasn't meant to be seen! Likewise the BDs. To me, whatever shortcomings are revealed by viewing in higher resolution are more than offset by the richer colors, sharpness and general "clean-ness" of the new presentation.

The question to me is not what the new format is, but how much did they do to restore the originals for transfer to the new format. In the case of the BD, I found that it was enough of an improvement to justify double-dipping the TOS disc set. My wife, who knows little about Star Trek other than reruns 20-30 years ago, came in while I was watching a BD and said "Wow! I had no idea it could look that good!"
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