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Re: Why no Sela in 'Nemesis'?

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Well, the issue was that Decius himself and without asking his superior had sent a message to inform the Praetor (!) about their "glorious mission", so it's safe to assume Decius wanted to be the bringer of good news hoping it would improve his career.

CENTURION: Take care, Commander. He has friends, and friends of his kind mean power. And power is danger.

Sounded to me like political power.
But again, that's just your interpretation. Not saying there's anything wrong with that feeling, but the meaning of that line can be taken numerous ways and shouldn't be used as absolute proof about how Romulans rise in rank.

While we do not know how many crew members of the Enterprise-C did survive, Sela's father must have already been quite a bigshot in 2344 if he was able to snatch Tasha - in her uniform from the future - from the Tal Shiar.
The Tal Shiar? When was the Tal Shiar mentioned as having anything to do with this? And how would the Romulans automatically know Tasha's uniform was from the future unless she specifically told them where she came from? And if she did, I doubt that the Romulans would have let her be Sela's daddy's concubine or whatever the hell she was. Had they known she was from the future they would have interrogated her for the rest of her (short) life.

Well, Vonda McIntyre's novelization was based on the original script or last draft of it and this one stated that Saavik had been imprisoned and mistreated by Romulans.

All that may not be canonically established, but it's the explanation why Saavik cries at the end of the film which you wouldn't expect from a properly trained and educated pure-blooded Vulcan woman.
In the context of the film, that still has nothing to do with the possibility that she was from some Romulan/Vulcan breeding program, just that she's a young and inexperienced Vulcan/Starfleet officer. Her results from the Kobayashi Maru exercise attests to that. Just saying.

Saavik's backstory as a Romulan/Vulcan hybrid from a Romulan breeding experiment camp is so well explored in the novelizations, original novels, may be official canon, but it's my canon.
And that's fine. But since none of that made it into the films, and Saavik seemed later to be nothing more than a full-blooded Vulcan, then in the realm of personal canon it remains.
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