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Re: Speculations on Star Trek 3?

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I'm watching Star Trek: The Motion Picture right now on HDNet Movies. While I would love another Trek movie in that vein, I'm simply not sure in would sell in the current entertainment environment.
For everyone that jumps on the Abrams movies for goofs and plot holes. The Motion Picture has quite a few as well.

*Scott giving Kirk the VIP tour of the Enterprise exterior when his launch window had just been tightened.
But, the transporters weren't working. They had to go by pod.

*Kirk (and apparently Chekov) not knowing that the phasers have been channeled through the warp drive. Seems like a design change that the Chief of Starfleet Operations should know about the frontline vessels of Starfleet.
Decker did tell Kirk the Enterprise was an entirely different vessel, and the Admiral didn't know a 'tenth' of the ship.

*Ilia destroyed by V'ger then sent back to the Enterprise as a robot in a super skimpy outfit, complete with stripper heels.
The perfect alien attack. Put a lovely (and leggy) Deltan who resembles a lovely, bald, human female - South Asian woman - in a sexy outfit to immobilize the males aboard. Unfortunately, it didn't work since there are also females on board (not counting the bisexual or lesbian females)....and not all males go for females....and the Illia clone still had memories of Decker which caused her fall back in love with him.

Add to that Decker comes off as a complete moron for most of the movie, the Abrams movies come off looking even better in the absurdities department.
Decker was pushed to the side and became useless. (We, the audience, can understand the character's anger throughout the movie since the ship was initially under his command). I wonder how things would have worked out if it was he, not Kirk, who handled the V'ger situation.

Still, The Motion Picture is my favorite Star Trek movie.
It's on Netflix, and I was about to watch it a few days back...but, alas, it wasn't the Director's Cut.

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