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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

Mal said:
can i just say how much i love londo.

and how very sad i get everytime i think of how he ended...

maybe life is fair. that really is just so damn depressing...
Well, as you know, you are most certainly NOT alone in that sentiment. Londo is still my favorite character in all of scifi, and will likely always be so. We went through the range of emotions when it came to Londo - we loved him, we despised him, we rooted him on during his redemption...and in the end we felt sorry for him.

It doesn't get any better than that, when it comes to a character's journey.

I think the main reason I don't care that much about going to scifi cons these days is because I have already met the two most important actors in my scifi-related world - Peter Jurasik and Avery Brooks.

Everything after that is anticlimactic.

I've met Shatner, I've met Patrick Stewart. But nothing compared with meeting Avery Brooks and Peter Jurasik.
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