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Re: Imagine the Enterprise, over again!

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Alright guys, I have some mock ups. I'd like to use this as a starting point, for you guys to add ideas to, tweak, and flesh out.

The only things I am really sold on, are the engines basic shape, the segmented saucer, and having the m/am engines below like that... pretty much everything else can change, though.

Talk to you guys later...

Make the nacelles more like the secondary hull ending in antenna farms

You know--one of those alien video games whose title I have forgotten, where they made organisms that look like AT-ATs walking around--had something similar.

To me USS Vengeance is a good place to start.

Nacelle supports more gull wing like, a bigger saucer, lower down with high nacellse for a souped up look.

uber detail

My perfect fan boy wish list--a refit era ship with those modifications, but with Super star destroyer complexity
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