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Re: What Should Be Done for Star Trek's 50th

All the Doctors appeared in Day of the Doctor, although some due to stock footage/dialogue and some CG copy and pasting over body doubles at the end.

The episodes which bookended the seventh season-Asylum Of The Daleks and Name Of The Doctor-likewise featured a good chunk of Daleks from all of the Dalek stories over the last 50 years and Name of the Doctor also did the stock footage/body double stuff which featured all the Doctors.

In a way it was a bit like Star Trek's 30th which also utilized some clever stock footage manipulation (Trials and Tribbleations) and a returning actor (George Takei in Voy's Flashback).

Doctor Who did have some anniversary stuff when it was off the air-the awful 90's 3D special Dimensions In Time and the decent documentary 30 years in the TARDIS; the 40th anniversary did have another documentary I believe and also the announcement of the new series, as well as audio and novel stuff.

There were plans for a more elaborate 30th special called The Dark Dimension, but those fell through.
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