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Re: Deluxe soundtrack?

Money drives the market. It's the reason Paramount knows that they can, for instance, split up all the special features for Star Trek Into Darkness across the various DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital releases -- they know we will just buy them up.

What's more, motion picture scores are becoming "collector's items." They increasingly depend on our actually purchasing them to prove to the people producing the albums that there is still a market out there for these same kinds of products. The less money we spend, the more they believe "Nobody's gonna buy this," when considering what projects to do.

The Star Trek Into Darkness soundtrack album currently available is only $11.83 on Amazon if you buy the actual CD. It's listed at $9.49 if you just download the mp3 album and it's $7.88 to get a used album.

Forgive me but if you guys are going to be this butthurt about losing out on $10 measly dollars in the eventual double-dip, I would submit that there are probably better things you could be spending your hard earned money on.

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