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Re: What Should Be Done for Star Trek's 50th

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Thing about Doctor Who though is that it's been back in TV production since 2005 and has been really popular, while Trek has really just had the two movies recently.
Remember howe ver that DW went for 16 years with only a single TV Movie produced.

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Would that be The five(ish) Doctors reboot?

Which was actually quite good, it's a shame it was on the Red Button instead of being broadcast on one of the BBC TV channels.
Nah I mean the 50th Anniversary special that they aired on BBC (in my case BBC America).

Tom Baker was really the only "before new" doctor to be featured. But they showed images at the end of them all if I recall correctly.
In addition to the above the BBC also did

An Adventure in Time and Space about the making of DW.

Night of the Doctor which had the Doctor in just not the one we were expecting.

The difference however was DW was in production on TV at the time had it not been I expect we wouldn't have had much.
Oh yes.. I saw Night of the Doctor.

I did not see the making of though! I'll have to find that someplace online.
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