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Re: What Should Be Done for Star Trek's 50th

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If you're talking pie-in-the-sky, go ahead and dream all you want. In reality, your plans are far too expensive with insufficient payback to make it plausible. Further, it is rather unlikely that you could get enough key members of the old casts to make this happen.

I seldom watch it and don't follow it much, but does your Trek suggestion really follow Doctor Who's approach? Is Doctor Who planning four TV movies and a mini-series that require extensive set creation and the attempted re-assembly of numerous casts and crews? And a major theatrical motion picture?

In a more practical vein, I would like to see the next Trek movie released in 2016 to coincide with the 50th anniversary. It would be a completely new adventure and not derivative of anything that has gone before. It would open with a splash screen of a terrifically designed 50 year logo. Perhaps a montage of scenes from all of the old series and movies could be assembled and shown as a 'trailer' after the end of the film? I think even that would have some rights issues to deal with.
Doctor Who had one 50th special that did bring back a couple of previous doctors. They probably had some tv interviews or whatnot, but on BBC America I remember just the 50th Anniversary Special. Of course merchandise too.
Would that be The five(ish) Doctors reboot?

Which was actually quite good, it's a shame it was on the Red Button instead of being broadcast on one of the BBC TV channels.
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