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This - is - awesome! Fascinating!

I'm impressed seeing the amount of passion for accuracy, this is a great project. Kudos!

While my own deck plan project is still in its WIP infancy, eventually I will have to rely on accurate reproductions.

I'm most curious to see how you will handle Dr. McCoy's office.
Both the "Journey to Babel" set drawing and Matt Jefferies' paper model of the set (much smaller than yours, obviously) had the skull shelf set too far back.

In my main deck 7 draft I had already tried to fix that, but now it seems that the desk is too much in the way.

Again, great job, I'll definitely stay tuned.

Now that I have all the stills restored I decided to shift focus before diving back in on the transporter room and give some attention to what you mentioned concerning the skull cabinent. Started measuring the Journey To Babel stage plan of McCoy's office and cross checked against all the stills I have of his office, and there is indeed a problem. What I discovered is it begins at the doorway which shows it straight on the side of the skull display case when it is actually matching the same angle of the other side of the door but runs longer and then has a right angle of about 6 inches and a shallower angle of the outer doorside wing of the skull case. In essence it is a flipped reverse of the doorway into Kirk's Quarters office area. I marked out on my printouts the corrected floor plan of the Skull display case and it's matching left and right wings, but ran in to a 9 inch descrepancy between the end of the skull showcase meets up with the wall wall panel next to the door between McCoy's office and The Sickbay Examination Room. So I kept checking against stills of the Examination room and found the "Journey To Babel" blueprints of the wall panels depicted between the 2 doors nearest the corridor is incorrect. And I think I found where the 9 inch error happened on the plans. I'll try to make some corrected drawings of the Examination Room and McCoy's Office floor plans that is corrected from the stills which will depict the Examination room 9 inches less across. Also corrected the left side of the door in the Examination room which is straight and not angled like the right side, and I think this is where the 9 inch error on the plans originated forcing the error ( read fudge...possibly due to not cross checking the previous 2 sets of floor plans of Stage 9 and getting all information measurements from the sets before making the drawings and guessing to fill in the incomplete infromation. ) in McCoy's office Doorway and Skull shelf display.

I trust this is the error you were talking about in the Skull cabinent. But the problem runs much deeper than that causing what I think was a fudge on the part of the Steve Sardanis who drew this sheet for the Stage 9 floor plans. I will have to remeasure those areas from the still corrections on the drawings I'll be revising. I'll have the new meausurements after I get the new drawings done. The ones you see in these two pics here reflect the measurements in the errors in the original drawings.

EDIT: I just pulled out the plans for the "Charlie X" and "Balance Of Terror" and the Examination Room door matches my pencil revisions to the doorway. Nice to be confirmed by 2 previous sets of David Marshall's floor plans. I should have checked them first and saved me an entire afternoon working this out.

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