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Re: The Art of Star Trek: Reanimated - The Sequel

Patrickivan said:
I don't know- those chairs look a little too comfy for Klingons... How about some spikes.
Actually, I was trying for a look that would be in keeping with much of the design from TOS - these chairs look like they could possibly be redressed designer chairs, like the Burke chairs used for Enterprise - I suppose I could go with solid wood or stone chairs . (XCalPro, who has many Poser freebies for Star Trek, modeled the exact chairs from "The Time Trap" that turned out great! And they look a LOT less comfortable )
Seriously - looks good. The steps up seem a little too much. I didn't see that ep. Where they there in it?
Thanks! If you look along the bottom of the linked screencap, you can see that the table is on a raised platform in the cartoon. :thumbsup:
Star Trek: Reanimated - it's more than just a cartoon!
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