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Re: What should be the minimal requirements for Federation members?

^ It would be nice to have a form of representation that "followed you" as you moved around. If you had a job (or a lifestyle) that involved you frequently traveling from star system to star system, and not really having a home planet, this guy would be your rep.

If there were a group of people similar to the boomers on ENT, who represents them? They have no "home world," but they do have a species.

How this would work with individuals who are the product to multi-species ancestry might be hard to say, but they could legally be covered by all their different species reps.

This is a good idea Annorax 849.

Annorax849 wrote: View Post
there would just be a Cardassian Councillor who represents all the Cardassians in the UFP.
But the Councillor wouldn't be connected in any way to the Cardassian Union's government?

The Cardassian Councillor would be independent of that body, yes?

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