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Re: Maleficent: Grading & Discussion SPOILERS

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Worst part - terrible script. Really terrible and unnecessarily so. Changed the whole damn story and characters and not for the better.
Agreed. The script is the weakest link, and that's a real tragedy (IMO) because some of the changes would be great if the execution was better. I think Angelina did a fine job but also that the script issues worked against her, because Maleficent's characterization isn't as consistent as it should be. The movie can't decide if she's truly become hateful and full of wrath for the most part, which would be quite understandable, or if she's only angry at the royal couple but not that far gone. For myself, I think the former would work nicely with the right execution and it would be a good base for Aurora to lead her back to a more heroic side. The film kind of tries to do this but doesn't give the concept what it deserves to work.

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