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Re: Maleficent: Grading & Discussion SPOILERS


It would have been an A- but I took off style points because she didn't turn into a dragon. (Seriously, Maleficent is my favorite character from the original Sleeping Beauty and the scene where she turns into a dragon is my favorite part of the friggin' cartoon!) But, there was an dragon, and I liked the raven guy, so no more points off.

And Angelina nailed everything else about the character, including the new changed heart stuff. Looks like Disney's on a redeemed villainess kick. The Snow Queen's just misunderstood, Maleficent is misunderstood...I'm waiting for the Little Mermaid reboot where Ursula adopts an African orphan.

The huge down-note? Charlto Copley. His American English accent is horrible enough. I had no idea what the f--k accent he was supposed to be using in this movie.

Anywho, B-
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