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Re: "...and another thing..."...besides what?

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My main question: after Decker left Kirk's quarters and conveniently ran into Ilia who just happened to make herself available in the vicinity of Kirk's quarters (unless she was on break, I suppose), the scene returns to Kirk's quarters.
There's a brief cut to Ilia watching them leave the bridge, as she obviously sensed the change in Kirk's mood and knew what was coming. Although I can't imagine she left the bridge solely for the purpose of finding out what happened in Kirk's quarters, it's not surprising that she ran into Decker as the latter was on his way back to the bridge.

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McCoy says "And another thing...", Kirk obviously annoyed like McCoy were a fly in the room.
McCoy's last line of dialogue before the scene change was, "He may be right, Jim." It's likely he spent the intervening moments rehashing Kirk's mistakes before moving onto to the larger issue of Kirk being obsessed with the Enterprise to the point that he was competing against the officer on whom he should have been relying more than any other person on his senior staff.

Kirk admitted as much when he cited Decker's familiarity with the ship as the reason he was staying aboard, but that didn't stop him from demanding the impossible the moment the Enterprise left drydock, nor did it prevent him from taking offense when Decker dismissed his phaser order--until the latter pointed out that using the phasers would likely have resulted in the ship's destruction, as they would have not fired properly, and Enterprise would have collided with the asteroid.

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I think you're right on the money there. That fits perfectly, and spares us the viewer of having to hear essentially the same information twice. So, cut ti Decker and Ilia standing in front of the orange door, then switch to McCoy and Kirk talking in front of a giant Chekov.
Indeed. It reminds me of Scooter Computer and Mr. Chips, which aired almost three decades ago. There's an episode that features an enormous depiction of Mr. Chip's face. I remember laughing hysterically as a child when I saw it.

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