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Re: "...and another thing..."...besides what?

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Would you happen to have any insight into the command issued at the Enterprise first sighting Gorkon's ship, "All officers to the bridge"? Is it something more appropriate for the sailing ship era (before bridges were invented, yeah, but anyway)? Something one would expect in a WWII setting? Something we would encounter even later on?
The thing is, even on a big ship the bridge is pretty small and confined, and everyone there is working, so it's not a good place to confer with more than a couple of people. On a carrier there is a room in the island with a conference table, and I believe another one for the admiral. I imagine battleships had something similar, maybe cruisers, and smaller ships would probably just use the wardroom. But Star Trek has always used the bridge as a combination bridge and combat information center, so there's more room and more reason for various officers to be there. But wanting "all officers" to come to the bridge seems far fetched. I think maybe what they meant was "all officers who should be on the bridge, you know who you are..."
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