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Re: Any Trek actors on this board?

Unfortunately, fan based fora are not the most friendly toward the people who provide the stuff from which fandom is made.

Fans will say things on a forum about people they supposedly admire that they would never have the balls to say to that person face-to-face.

I've seen it happen elsewhere, in non-genre fora, where a "celebrity" comes on only to be greeted by less than knowledgable and dumbass opinion that after a while drives away said celebrity.

These folks are people first, and celebrities second. They expect the same respect that we "regular" people do, and they deserve it, as do we all.

As much as I've seen people here take offense at the slightest offhand comment, I would think that those same people would be careful not to offend others by their own comments. But it doesn't really work that way in this online age of "disparage first, think later."

Think before you speak. Be respectful. Then maybe the actors whose work we admire will feel free to interact on a forum such as this.

I don't really expect that to happen, but hey. Just sayin'.
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