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Re: Why women dosen't display their Ranks ?

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This isn't called for. Just because a person doesn't like nuTrek, it doesn't follow that he/she is claiming that "JJ Abrams raped my childhood" (or whatever that ridiculous phrase is).
If "I think JJ Abrams Star Trek is total travesty" is not a problem, then this shouldn't be, either.
The former is a legitimate opinion opinion, the latter is trolling.
Whether or not the former constitutes "a legitimate opinion opinion" is itself a matter of opinion. It struck me as being too hyperbolic to be taken all that seriously, and to be almost inviting a jokey response.

Whether or not something is trolling, however, is not a question to be raised in-thread. That's against the rules. If you sincerely believe that a post (or portion thereof) is in violation of any rule or otherwise in need of moderator scrutiny, the thing for you to do is to make use of the Notify Moderator button on the post in question. (It looks like this: ) Do not make a call-out in the thread, as that may itself be deemed trolling.
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