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Re: Your own personal continuity

1. The modern novels (with some exceptions) are my personal canon.
2. ENT: "Cogenitor", TOS: "The Alternative Factor", "All Our Yesterdays", TNG: "Suddenly Human", VOY: "Threshold", "Oblivion", "Ashes to Ashes", "Barge of the Dead", and "Shattered" don't exist.
3.Most but not all of TAS is canon.
4. Star Trek 2009, Star Trek Into Darkness, and the IDW comics are somewhat altered.
5. The "Krios Prime" from "The Mind's Eye" and the one from "Precious Cargo" and "The Perfect Mate" are two different planets.
6. All inconsistent stardates are not the true stardate of the work.
7.Spock's line in "Balance of Terror" that "Invisibility is theoretically possible" is different.
8. The Enterprise-A's journey to the center of the galaxy in The Final Frontier was possible because of an unstable intermittent natural wormhole.
9. Sarek, Lwaxana Troi, etc are not Federation "ambassadors" (since they aren't assigned to foreign capitals), but rather a more logical designation such as sub-national ambassador or special emissary
10. Lwaxana Troi gives up her overbearing personality at some point after her canon appearances.
11. Annika Hansen/Seven of Nine ditches her catsuit as soon as the onscreen events of "Endgame" conclude.
12. There are lots of offscreen Hem'Quch Klingons in the TOS era and there are both ridged and ridgeless Romulans.
13. Universal translators do not render the Ferengi as saying "hew-mon" for human.
14. Zefram Cochrane formed the United Earth Space Probe Agency from the remnants of NASA, ESA, etc between 2063 and 2067, and it eventually ascended to become a New United Nations/United Earth agency in the early 22nd century.
15. Starfleet has logically created numeric designations for all stars, planets, etc. which Starfleet officers use.
16. Characters do not refer to Federation "member planets", only "member states"/"capital planets of member states".
17. The United States of America still exists in the Federation as a "historically popular name" or whatever of the (central) North American province of United Earth.
18. The multiverse of the current novels has a plausible version of Star Trek Online.
19. The Earth Spacedock seen in the TOS movies is indeed Starbase 1 and is still active in the 24th century.
20. The Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Gorn, Breen, Tzenkethi, Talarians, etc are part of the Federation by the 31st century.

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