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Re: Imagine the Enterprise, over again!

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Except the TOS Enterprise is described on screen as having impulse engines, right?
How is that relevant? This thread is about reinventing it from scratch, pretending that TOS never existed.

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In "The Paradise Syndrome"[TOS] they use a deflector beam to attempt a course change on the incoming asteroid. While we don't see where this beam comes from on the ship, backstage material was already referring to the big copper dish on the front of the Engineering Hull as the "Main sensor/deflector" so I think it's fair to suggest that the idea goes that far back.
Yes, it certainly does. The Making of Star Trek makes that very clear. Not only does it specifically describe the dish as "a parabolic sensor antenna and asteroid-deflector" (p. 191), but it reprints Roddenberry's own 1964 development notes reflecting his discussions with scientists and engineers. From p. 86:
Some kind of "meteoroid shield" or "meteoroid force field deflector" will be necessary in true spaceships. If not a force field, it may be a magnetic field which deflects cosmic dust or small meteoroids via an opposite charge. Or it might consist of a probing Laser beam which deflects and/or destroys dust and small particles from the path of the ship.
So the navigational deflector idea was part of the design process of the ship from the beginning, and reflected ideas that space scientists had already worked out years before. It's simply a fact that space contains debris that would be hazardous at high velocities, so it would be impossible for a starship to function without some kind of deflection system.
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