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^ Zaprudder, that image you linked reminds me of the Orion shuttle in 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. All it needs is the "Pan Am" logo on the side. (Except the company no longer exists. The movie LOST IN SPACE had a similar Pan Am moment when the splash screen of Will's hand computer showed the Silicon Graphics logo.)
Well, pretty much all they really have in common is that both are phallus shaped. The Orion was supposed to be nuclear powered IIRC and the wings on the Hydra are really solar panels, which would get ripped off, Skylab fashion, in the atmosphere. Otherwise, it's still spam in a can in space.

It looks like the Hydra is intended to re-enter on its base, which makes me wonder about stability. If so, spaceship development looks even more likely to be heading toward the sort of designs popular in the 1950s.

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Is it just me, or the "V2" moniker has very unfortunate associations?
As someone commented elsewhere and I plagiarised: Hail Hydra!
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