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Re: Insane ST3 casting thread

With my dislike of Harry Mudd, I am wondering is anyone cast as him not insane. Speaking of insane, Brad Dourif as Garth will be interesting.

But we can scratch all that and just redo Generations with the ultimate casting like it was always intended:
- Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan
- Jonny Lee Miller as Barclay
- Kevin Spacey as Mirror Picard
- Michael Fassbender as Data
- Katee Sackhoff and Romola Garai as Tasha Yar and Sela
- Bryce Dallas Howard as Crusher
- Brad Dourif as Soran
- Clint Howard as Sybok (you're not insane if you don't acknowledge Fringe's canon here)
- Ellen Page as Rain Robinson
- Jodie Foster as the founder and CEO of Chronowerx Industries
- Val Kilmer as Mark Twain
- Lance Reddick as two Tuvoks
- Julianne Moore as Doctor Gillian Taylor
- Christopher Walken as Mirror Captain Braxton
- Jamie Foxx as a temporal agent (the good guy)
- Sophie Okenodo as B'Elanna Torres
- Matt Smith as Q
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