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Re: A gay character and other potential ST3 tidbits

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I just think that if you're going to have a Star Trek that tackle things like gay characters or expanding on other characters' story that doesn't directly involve Kirk or Spock, this is not the Star Trek you want to do it in. Action is the name of the game and we've got to move at a lightning pace.

Must we? STAR TREK is action and drama. STID was both, but story should be the first emphasis. We can slow down from time to time and take a breather to serve the story, which STID also did. But the more non-stop lightning you get, the more it reverts to just another cookie-cutter summer movie. STID transcended this with its political subtext. This may have limited its national grosses compared to 2009's TREK, but 2013's is still a more solid effort.
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