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Re: PACIFIC 201 - A Star Trek Film

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Playing around with some prop ideas.
Here's my pre-TOS padd concept prop, with some FJ technical manual artwork for the graphic.
The paper surface is intentional, as the prop will not be illuminated. But for detail shots, the "paper" will be animated, and have colors and interface (as well as being a literal physical writing surface). Essentially, the in-universe explanation is that you can physically write on the surface with a pen or pencil, and the padd can store that writing as searchable data. That way, something that /seems/ old fashioned to modern audiences in TOS is actually a fairly high-tech piece of hardware. Not just a chunky black iPad.
I like it. Although it seems a little Hitchhiker's Guide to me.

Also the art is not FJ, it's aridas sofia: and
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