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Re: TRIP/MICHAEL/CONNOR: You're All We Think About

Temis the Vorta said:
Heroes: Origins is a contest to see which new hero is popular enough to be catapaulted to the main series. If Connor were on it, the other characters wouldn't have a chance.

I'd like to see him on the regular Heroes show as a villain. He does such a good job as Michael, but let's face it, SG:A rarely gives actors very interesting material. He needs to be on a more ambitiously-written show.
"Heroes" and its spin-off is THE show to be on and playing an anti-hero would be something different- not a total do-gooder like Peter but not a psychopath like Syler, someone in between, a "Heroes" version of Black Adam or Hyperion.

An excellent non-genre series is AMC's "Mad Men." Its about Madison Avenue ad executives in 1960. Smoking, drinking, womanizing, totally non PC series. Connor played a reporter in that Mickey Mantle HBO movie years back, he could definitely play early sixties guy.

Connor needs to be on a show where he gets noticed, who the hell is his agent?!
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