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Re: Is the Holodeck Evil?

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I realise that in this thread there are many of you who make valid and interesting points re the holodeck, but to just cut to the chase, the holodeck is just about the most ludicrous invention in the Trek universe, only slightly less believeable than Warp Drive.
To the contrary, I think the holodeck isn't even an "invention". It's just today's reality, packaged slightly differently.

If such a thing COULD exist as portrayed in Trek
Why not? Somebody's PC (even if not mine) could easily run such a thing today, only with somewhat less impressive "graphics". It's trivial technology for the computer age, and it's very much what makes money today, keeps people entertained, is in constant demand, and affects our everyday social lives.

it would be ultimately open to abuse by self serving and ever so naughty crew members who would forever push moral boundaries most notably for pleasures considered normally innappropriate, after all they are only human.
And the problem with that is...?

Nothing is stopping people today from doing the same. Not even moral outrage, as it's very much a "throwing the first stone" issue, and people have been doing such things as long as they have been throwing stones, only with different technologies.

In short, the holodeck would become questionable, maybe even evil to some.
But "some" can grumble and grieve all they want, just like they do today. It's the paying majority that has the last say. (Even if it is the selling minority that has the last laugh.)

Timo Saloniemi
I`m sorry Timo, I respect your views as always, they are always informative, but to suggest that todays technology on PCs, and what we see on the Holodeck are somehow the same, is a big leap of faith.
And yes, we do have holographs today, but not holographs that we can touch and interact with, not holos that "some" can interact with innapropriately, holos that we can can kiss, kill and even put into subserviance.
No, for me the Holodeck is a leap too far, of light year proportions, even when in the context of a far distant future.
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