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Re: A gay character and other potential ST3 tidbits

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Really, your tired swipes at JJTrek about things that TOS did all the time is quite annoying.
That's kind of the point of my argument. The reason I take swipes at JJ's films is because they've completely back tracked to the way TOS treated it's female characters. Star Trek as a franchise did get better with time, but since this new Trek is meant to reflect the original series, well, I'm not quite sure dated elements are worth honoring. Not only did they do follow that to a T, they've taken it a step further with STID. Do you remember an episode where Uhura was a constant whiner about her relationship with Spock in the original series? I don't, but that's the "new and improved" Uhura we have now. She slept around with her freaking Academy instructor and complains to him when she doesn't get selected for the best ship in the fleet.

If this is the high court's idea of improving the non-white male characters, what kind of a chance does a gay character have in this new universe? They've already made the Enterprise a "male" character in the new comics.
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