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Re: A gay character and other potential ST3 tidbits

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Based on what Alice Eve mentioned about it, her characterization was written both as a generational conflict and a microcosm of the rift between Starfleet and Section Thirty One. Basically, Carol had a serious conflict with her father in a relationship that was otherwise very solid and uplifting until something happened that caused him to become all warped and evil. Her backstory would be as much about her disillusionment and lost of her father figure as the evolution of Alex's jingoistic fugue, and finally, Carol's ultimately futile quest to restore him to the man once was, "and should be again."
The female character fails to do something on her own? That's nothing new for JJ's Star Trek.

This feels like a reoccurring problem that the writers just can't seem to fix. They write these moments that are meant to expand the character's motivation and overall sense of purpose in the story, but when the film is being edited, all that stuff is marginalized to just being a point in the story. Yeah, they may get the point across, but that all it will end up being. A simple, barely touched on point that's moved to the side and forgotten about later on.

The focus on character development has certainly changed since TWOK. I remember watching the Director's Edition of TWOK for the first time and realizing that unlike what a lot of unrated cuts do nowadays, all the added material was all character focused. No added violence, nudity or language. Just more moments with the characters. Why does it feel like this is the exact opposite approach with these new films?

Also after reading Nick Meyer's book "The View from the Bridge", he mentions that he had to cut that scene with Preston because the studio thought Kirk calling him a 'tiger' was too gay. :tommie: Wonder is there are still studio execs who look to intently on things like that.
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