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Re: Why women dosen't display their Ranks ?

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Okay..First of all, I think JJ Abrams Star Trek is a total travesty of sci fi and the Original series,from a young Kirk being a loser to Spock and Uhura arguing like two mixed up teens and the bridge looking like a best buy store with a thousand lens flares, there's 50 other things I hate about Abrams Trek but..Could someone PLEASE explain to me why the woman in JJ Abrams Trek movies don't display their ranks...
Best answer wins .
Give a good look at TOS and provide an explanation for why ranks are so often not displayed by officers and crew of the female persuasion.

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You can thank the closing of's message boards for this post and what undoubtedly will be many more postings like this by this particular user.
You're making it personal, and you really ought to know better. Warning for trolling. Comments to PM.
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