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Re: Well, its here. The Universal Translator

I don't think perfect universal translation will never be possible, much less in real-time.
Consider for example how many languages aren't subject-verb-object word order like English. Klingon, for example:

Or if in the same conversation you need to refer to "LOL" the textspeak phrase and "L.O.L." the acronym for some company. And the person you're speaking to doesn't use the English/Latin alphabet.

Or if two languages don't have the same number of terms or number of usages for certain things. For example both "He is a soldier." and "It is a soldier." in English translate to "Es un soldado." in Spanish. Suppose that there are multiple subjects in the conversation, making "he" or "it" relevant. Or what if you're translating to a language that doesn't have grammatical gender? And what if you try to account for formal/familiar etiquette which differs between languages?
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