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Re: Rewatching Blake's 7

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A great episode, but as you say a far from perfect one, the final few minutes cover a multitude of sins. Whilst itís great to see Thomas back, and the new version of Blake really is a sight to see, his grand plan holds about as much water as a sieve. How exactly Arlen goes from effectively dobbing Blake in, to being accepted into the rebel army within the space of a few minutes doesnít make any sense. Nor does Blake not just levelling with Tarrant earlier given he must know who he is and that he can be, to a certain extent, trusted. It really is a sitcom level of comedy misunderstandings.
It does beg the question how "Blake tests each one himself", and what exactly is the proof that so easily sways people to join him. But the conversation near the end with Deva really explains everything. Blake likes to 'indulge' himself in picking his allies, but likes to stretch them first. Yes he knew who Tarrant was very early on, and begs the question why he didn't bring Tarrant on board sooner (though as has been pointed out, series 4 of Blake's 7 is about the crew loosing pretty much everything they go up against). Blake managed to sway an entire planet to remove the mercenaries, etc, and get them on his side. How he did that we'll never know. It also begs the question how far through the plan he was, and how many followers he had. Probably six.

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love the way Blake looks at the teleport bracelet in the ruins
It's funny but in all the times I've watched that episode (too many to count) it was only last night's viewing that I spotted Blake pick up the bracelet for the first time. It was a nice little reference.
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