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Re: What should be the minimal requirements for Federation members?

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PD probably suspended because of Organian Peace Treaty. Unless you feel the Klingons are entitled to do the cultural damage of the indigenous society while the UFP is not.
Adherance to the PD should not depend on "everyone else" also doing so. The PD only applies to Starfleet (maybe the entire Federation too), the fact that people outside of Starfleet have their own rules, or none at all, should not effect Starfleet's observance.
I agree that just because somebody else is doing something, shouldn't be the excuse for oneself doing the same thing.

OTOH, it's of little use for the indigenous culture you want to protect with the PD, if the Klingons are messing it up and usually much worse than the Federation would do.

But I agree that in "Friday's Child" the Federation posture is somewhat "pre-emptive" and therefore quite debatable. IMHO, they should have left the indigenous population alone, until they could have verified Klingon presence.

I'd like to recommend the Prime Directive article at Memory Alpha which I feel is very well written and researched and discusses the various cases in detail.

And it makes it pretty clear that "prewarp" or not was never an issue for TOS (If they felt by TNG's 24th Century that "prewarp" capability should be a first contact factor, possibly adopted from the Vulcans, it definitely was not an issue in the TOS era).

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