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Re: Well, its here. The Universal Translator

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Another incremental step. The "science" of translating one human language to another was once thought a trivial task for computers, but it turned out more "art" was needed. Lots of text-to-text translators exist, which succeed to varying degrees.
A great example of that is the below. I saw the article about Kate's butt picture being published in a German tabloid newspaper today. Below is the headline.

I don't speak German but the Bing translator turns it into the below. For anyone that speaks German is that an accurate translation?

The other problem of course is there is a lot of nuance in speech. Take the word, 'cool,' in English. considerable context is needed sometimes to understand what the speaker is saying.

German Headline:

Danke für dieses
arschgeile Wochenende!


Thank you for this
ass horny weekend!

Bild - German newspaper
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