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Re: What should be the minimal requirements for Federation members?

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
It seems clear that a culture doesn't actually have to use, or even have, warp technology. If it's aware of the existence of same, that appears to be enough.
Obtaining warp drive technology might force the issue when it comes to first contact, determining if a culture has discovered subspace radio might be harder to figure out, especially if they listening, but not talking.

If there is a interstellar version of the internet, just having the subspace radio would be ... interesting.

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
PD probably suspended because of Organian Peace Treaty. Unless you feel the Klingons are entitled to do the cultural damage of the indigenous society while the UFP is not.
Adherance to the PD should not depend on "everyone else" also doing so. The PD only applies to Starfleet (maybe the entire Federation too), the fact that people outside of Starfleet have their own rules, or none at all, should not effect Starfleet's observance.

Regardless how the PD would deal with non-humanoid sentient beings, it was obvious that they didn't know that they were dealing with a lifeform.
I was referring to after it was discovered that the Horta species were "people." The end of the episode contained no mention of the miners being require to evacuate the planet. The planet ample supply of pretty rocks superceded the PD's non-interferance stipulation.

This just illustrates why I usually don't like this retroactive continuity BS.
My personal take is that the PD isn't simplistic, there are conditions when it applies and when there are exceptions. Also I see it changing periodically, being reinterpeted by Starfleet Command, the Federation Council treating it as a political football. Starship Captains might get weekly updates.

Sci wrote: View Post
Canonically, the criteria are vague. We know that Federation Members have to have a unified planetary government ("Attached") and must ban caste-based discrimination ("Accession").
I wonder if those were always entry requirements, or were both introduced sometime in the mid 24th century ... and how long would they last?

As the Federation grew, and new and different cultures became a part of the mix, the Federation surely changed. It's internal policies altering over time.

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