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Re: Rewatching Blake's 7

A great episode, but as you say a far from perfect one, the final few minutes cover a multitude of sins. Whilst it’s great to see Thomas back, and the new version of Blake really is a sight to see, his grand plan holds about as much water as a sieve. How exactly Arlen goes from effectively dobbing Blake in, to being accepted into the rebel army within the space of a few minutes doesn’t make any sense. Nor does Blake not just levelling with Tarrant earlier given he must know who he is and that he can be, to a certain extent, trusted. It really is a sitcom level of comedy misunderstandings. And as you say they get to GP rather too quickly, even with the Stardrive.

None of this really matters that much however, though the absence of Servalan is grating it’s hard to see how she could have been shoehorned into this one. There is so much good character stuff here. I love the way Keating delivers the “You’ve found Blake,” line, love the way the camera focuses on Avon just as he says “psychopaths”. I love Tarrant’s “It takes talent to fly a dead ship”, love the references to Cally and Jenna, love the way Blake looks at the teleport bracelet in the ruins, and of course there’s the best line in the episode. “The fire was stupid, leaving Vila on guard was suicidal. What’s the matter, is staying alive too complicated for you.”

A wonderful, perfect end to a great series though.

As a kid I really still expected the show to come back though!
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