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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

You're describing the 29th century assimilation process of the Borg, that was used on Mulcahey to no lasting ill effect in Drone from Season 5... Um... If the Borg adopted this method as standard, if Janeway wouldn't have stopped the Collective from adopting this method as standard, wouldn't this mean that the Borg would have immediately evolved past the point of needing to destroy lives to assimilate cultures and so therefore would have stopped destroying lives to assimilate cultures immediately?

In fact, with the Borg as they are striving for perfection, I do not think that they would have any interest in keeping their current stock of outmoded Drones once they had been outmoded. Trillions of outdated Drones no sexier or useful than Windows 95. It's just a question of if the retired Drones were going to be kicked out of the collective into space, or onto a planetbound landfill, or maybe even given a couple cubes to fly off in and make a life for themselves or if the Borg weren't complete fucking assholes put them back where they found them if their worlds of origin still existed.

Sure it's wrong to anyone else but Janeway to give species technology they are not ready for, just look at what happened to the Hirogen after Kathy gifted them Holodecks.

Hunted for sport by justifiably angry AI.

Tell me I'm wrong.


Logically, I thought that since One was a clone of Mulcahey that Mulcahey and One were played by the same actor... That does seem reasonable right?

Apparently not. Boehmer is just a delight every time I find him hiding under a quart of latex or a German accent.
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