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Re: Rewatching Blake's 7


Simon Master's only script of the series is brilliant from start to finish. The opening shots of the drugged population on Zondor are very Orwellian, the destruction of the base is well realised, although the explosion that destroys the base' teleport system doesn't appear to have seriously damaged it in the following scene. Zeeona looks a bit silly in the pink wig, as does the delegates of the non-aligned planets, who look more like a convention of the village people. Still Tarrant does get to have it off one last time in the series (although he does get 'shagged' by Scorpio next episode ). Zukan plays a calculating villain who tries to hold his own against Servalan, and, naturally, ultimately fails. The cast get some good dialogue. Soolin uses her brains and saves Avon on Betafarl. The ending is predictable with all the characters involved, and leaves the series with a great cliffhanger leading into the finale - now what? Jacqueline Pierce's final episode is little more than a cameo; an episode like Sand would've been more appropriate but then Boucher and Lorrimere clearly wanted to focus the final two episodes on the Seven.

I like this little analysis on Den of Geek regarding Zeeona's death:

Did she really take her glove off in ignorance, or was it deliberate? There's a few fan theories floating about that she couldn't live with the guilt caused by her father, and so died a noble death - Avon's subtle facial expressions in the final scenes add weight to this theory. His final mirthless smirk indicates that he knows very well that Tarrant's going to return to Scorpio empty-handed.
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